Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Stinking Milestone

The other day while I was talking to Jake I got a whiff of something. It wasn't pleasant. In fact, it made me stop. It couldn't be.... no......"Jake, lift your arm." I leaned over and stuck my nose in his armpit. Oh my goodness! "Jake, you've got B.O!" He jumped up and started trying to stick his own nose in his armpit. He was giggling. "You know what that means?" I said. "What?" "You need to wear deodorant!" He looked at me with excitement in his eye and said, "YES!!" I just busted up. "You've graduated into Stinkhood!! Woo hoo!" Needless to say, this has created quite the stir around here. It's a common sight to see someone's nose in someone else's armpit. Zack is regularly asking me to smell his armpit to see is he smells yet. He's just dying to wear deodorant. Jake now smells manly, with his Old Spice deodorant that we bought him. And I'm thinking that we need to store it in an "out-of-reach" place because the other night Ben came into the room giggling and said, "Sam put deodorant on my bottom! Now my bottom smells good."...giggle, giggle..."He put in on one bun and then the other bun." Sorry, I'm not smelling that one!