Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mississippi or Bust!!!

Hello Friends!

Well, after loading up our trailer (which the moving company drove for us) and packing our big red van with the kids and all the gear, we headed out Monday morning (April 7th) for a long road trip to our new home in Mississippi. Yep! We are officially proud home owners of a small acreage in Terry, MS. We had fun touring the country on the way.

We saw the Grand Canyon,
the Four Corners,

hit a snow storm on our way to Mesa Verde (so unfortunately didn’t get to see it), stayed in Durango, Colorado, ate at the Big Texan in Amarillo,
toured the Old Town Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma,
visited a Walmart in Arkansas (of course :-)),

crossed the Mississippi River and finally came into our new home town of Terry, Mississippi this evening. It was a fun 7 days on the road…the kids did amazingly well! But we are glad to be out of the car and onto solid ground again. We drove straight to our new house. Our friends (the Bentons) met us there with the key. They are the wonderful family who we will be living with for a number of weeks while Steven fixes up our house. It was strange driving through the beautiful green countryside to our new home. This was the first time that Jenny and the boys had seen the house, since Steven was the one who found it on his house hunting trip in February. It is a fixer-upper, so he was a little nervous about Jenny seeing it. But, of course, she loved it…though it does need a lot of work. The boys jumped out of the van and ran to the swing set, which the former owners left. Then they ran around with excitement exploring the 3 ½ acres of their beautiful new backyard. It is so quiet, you can hear the wind blowing through the trees. What a difference from our city life in Ontario, CA. We are venturing upon a new and different life as “country folk.” Lots to learn for us city slickers! We are very excited. Steven will be heading over to the house tomorrow to start working on it already. We are hoping that our moving truck will arrive tomorrow so we can unload it into the garage. Then Tuesday Steven plans to begin working. He will be working with our friend Fonzo, from our church here, trimming out new houses (putting in all the new cabinetry, doors, window casings, moldings, etc.). So, we have lots ahead of us. We’ll keep you posted on the progress with the house.