Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boys, Babies, and Pig-Tails

Somehow I’m actually sitting here with extra time on my hands and the kids aren’t even in bed yet! We’ve actually eaten dinner, cleaned up, gotten the kids ready for bed and it’s not even 6:30pm yet! This never seems to happen, and Steven isn’t even here. He’s been doing work out of town for the last 3 days (and 4 days last week...sad), but he’s coming home tonight! Anyhow, the boys decided to go to their room and play their new favorite game…the “pull-down-each-other's-underwear” game. Their room was SOOOO loud with screaming and giggling, it was hilarious! Needless to say, Hailey and I made a quick exit to a quiet, sane room. After a bit the boys got a little tired of that game and decided to do something else. I don’t know if I should be concerned, but this is what I saw next!!

They found Hailey’s hair bows. I guess maybe they have TOO MUCH time on their hands tonight! They continued to make appearances in various girlie attire, from hats, bows & headbands to shoes and even a grass skirt! Maybe it’s good that Daddy isn’t home tonight! Those boys are too much sometimes.
On a different note, my midwife Norma visited today and we had a great time. I’m almost 31 weeks (which still surprises me…it’s gone so fast). We listened to the baby’s heartbeat and of course I called Steven on my cell phone so he could hear. The first thing he said was, “ I hear it!!” Then she palpated (felt around) my belly to feel the position of the baby. This was the really cool part. She says my uterus is really roomy and I have plenty of amniotic fluid so the baby is really easy to feel (maybe that’s also why I’m so BIG!). As we felt all the little parts, the baby would move in response to our touch. It’s really amazing because we could actually feel a little foot so clearly at one point!! I felt like we were playing with her! Ok, yes, I said “her”. Of course we don’t really know what the baby is and aren’t planning to find out. But her heartbeat has been in the high 160s the whole time (just like Hailey’s) and the boys all had heartbeats in the 140s. They say this is the trend (that girls have faster heart rates in utero), though of course it’s not certain. But my midwife has been saying “she” since the beginning. So, who knows? But I have to admit, I’m thinking pink. Anyhow, back to the cool part of feeling the baby. It really made me long to hold her (or him :). I caught myself daydreaming about cuddling my little newborn on my chest as I was sitting in the recliner today. Yeah! Thank you God for babies!!
Ok, I had to add this pic. The boys convinced me to give them pig-tails. So sad, I know. They look like Bam Bam. Please don’t hold this against them when they are older. I promise you they were shooting BB guns and bows and arrows earlier! I'm a mean mom for even posting this!

You gotta love Zack's face...he always has to be silly. And Sam....well, Sam really could have been an adorable little girl!


  1. I love that you're blogging again, Jenny! Your boys are too cute! :)

  2. Too Cute! I love that the boys have so much fun together! I just can't believe how big they all are. Hailey is getting so BIG! Pigtails! I could die, they are sooo stinkin cute!

    Baby Mena will make her/his grand entrance soon, maybe God is giving you guys a little girl. Poor Hailey needs someone to dress up with...well, nevermind she has 4 bigger someones to dress up with!! lol We love you tons!!

  3. oh my word...what hams you have! :) they are too cute!

  4. Hey Jenny,

    I finally had some time to take a breath and sit down to read your BEAUTIFUL BLOG- and low and behold- your boys with bows and pigtails! HA HA HA! That is a daily occurence for my poor, lonely, Micah. He still gravitates to the purses, strollers, princess shoes, and of course....DORA! HEEELP! : ) I'm excited that you are blogging! Me, so not there yet. Finally, getting into our new routines with homeschooling and all.

    Can't wait to meet baby---wow, it'll be so soon!

    Love you,